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Walt Disney World has just released a new promotional offering for its Florida residents, and SeaWorld Orlando has joined. The ticket offer is a one-day offer to visit all four theme parks in one park per day, and also enjoy beautiful beaches, golf, tennis and spas with the Florida Resident Discover Disney Ticket. The offer, known as the Florida Resident Staycation Promotional Offer, includes day options at Aquatica ($34) and Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. Walt Disney World Resort has announced that a Florida resident will receive a 20% discount on selected days beginning in 2016, with a $20 discount on all merchandise purchases at all parks.

This offer allows Florida residents to save up to 35% on September dates, including 20% off all day options at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. If you stay, you're willing to pay about $123, which we consider a good deal for Miami. We welcome you with a cocktail on arrival and are generally open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner on the first day of your stay.

If you book just one beach holiday in Orlando, Florida without paying all ticket prices, a night at the Miami Beach Inn costs $37.

If you live in Florida, you can enjoy great savings at the Miami Beach Inn, including 10% off your next stay at Universal Orlando Resort. Enjoy all that Kissimmee, Florida has to offer and save $10 for your next stay. Universal in Orlando also offers Florida and Georgia resident discounts, whether you're traveling by car or plane, so get on and off. Florida and Georgia residents receive a 20% discount on all Universal Studios Florida, Disney World or Disney California Adventure Park tickets, as well as on all other Universal attractions.

If you show a valid Florida or Georgia ID at check-in, you will receive up to 15% off your stay in Key West. Florida and Georgia residents can save 25% on out-of-state visitors and Florida residents can save 30%, compared to an average of 35% for out-of-state guests at the Miami Beach Inn, and 20% off all tickets to Universal Studios Florida, Disney World or Disney California Adventure Park.

To qualify for the Florida Resident Pass discount, you must present a Florida State issued ID with your Florida address and a valid Florida driver's license or ID. To qualify for Florida Resident Pass discounts and provide your Florida address, you must appear at the Miami Beach Inn or Universal Studios Florida upon check-in.

Resident Pass discounts at Universal Studios Florida and Miami Beach Inn require proof of residency in Florida or Georgia. To purchase tickets to Disney Florida, call 939-5277 or gogo on Disney's Florida website or call (888) 941-4357.

To provide Wi-Fi access to hotel guests, please call 1-305-500-9800 for assistance with Miami Beach Inn Internet access and on-site Internet access.

Florida resident discounts and special offers is easy - just browse our network of top rated companies and download the free app. The discounts for Florida residents come and go quickly and must be booked by January 17 for results. Discover the hottest ticket deals in Orlando, Florida and contact us today to learn more about special offers reserved exclusively for families in Florida.

If you're looking for sun and sand for your next holiday destination in Florida, we've put together some fantastic offers and specials for you. With our Florida Resident offers you can plan your vacation and forget about the need for rest and relaxation.

To book a room with a discount for Florida residents, we recommend that you contact a travel agent specializing in Disney travel. The Auto Club South Florida office offers a special Florida resident discount of up to 30% off the price of your hotel room when staying at Encore Resort Reunion. Out, Busch forgets all about your trip to Florida, Georgia, Florida Keys or even Georgia Tech. Discounted rates are now available for the first two days of the trip, and this includes free parking for your car at all of our Florida resorts and hotels.

Florida residents will receive a 25-day resort credit for a limited period of time and can save up to 25% on the price of their hotel room at Encore Resort Reunion. Florida residents can also save more by buying at one of our other Florida resorts and hotels at the same price as Florida residents or saving $25.

Save up to 35% on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Florida and Georgia residents can enjoy discounts on tickets and hotel deals for Florida residents at the Westgate Florida Resident Discount. Bundle all of our Florida tickets and hotel deals with your vacation package and save an additional $200. When the time is right for a beach vacation, our Florida resident deals at Daytona Beach will make planning even easier.

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